Fall Sale at Sunrise Pottery in Sunrise, Minnesota

First Full Weekend In October 2, 3, 4 - 2019

Daily hours are 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Early October is the remarkable fall color time at our home in Sunrise, Minnesota.

Join Will & Janel next October in welcoming four distinguished guest potters.  As you travel to and from Sunrise, you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of autumn, and you will be pleased to discover all of our newest stoneware and porcelain pottery. 

View our Map page to find the studio location on the map.  If you wish to receive a post card for this event, and future events, please fill out the contact form found on the Mailing List page.


Guest Potters for the 2019 Fall Sale at Sunrise Pottery, MN were:

Jeff Oestreich

Jeff Oestreich

A majority of my work is intended for daily use, although some pieces challenge the notion of function and find their place in a more formal setting. With this in mind, thought is given to weight, balance and access. My passion is in the geometric, playful forms and patterns of Art Deco architecture, softened by the action of the flame and vapor of the soda firing process.


Ernest Miller

As a maker inspiration comes from field landscape, farm implements, and architectural features such as barns found in the Midwest as starting points for ceramic vessels and glaze surfaces. Observations of source material may be interpreted literally or sometimes abstracted using elements to complement functional or sculptural forms. Growing up on a farm in Southern Illinois instilled the virtues of utility, where the everyday use of a tool or piece of equipment was relied upon. Now residing several years in Minneapolis, Minnesota I have been seeking a way to bridge the creative space between “urban” and “rural” with inspired designs and reliable functional ceramics for the home.

Joe Singewald

Joe Singewald

I am a potter because I love using pots. My cupboards are filled with stacks of plates and cups, mugs and bowls. Some of this collection I have made, but most were unpacked from other potter’s kilns. When I eat or drink from these vessels, I can’t help but be inspired.

I am a potter because I love making pots. I choose to hand build and wheel build utilitarian pottery with hopes my ceramic interpretations will create an aesthetic attraction in the eyes and hands of others.


Linda Christianson

The qualities that I search for in my work are fairly straightforward. I am interested in a pot that does its duty well yet can stand on its own as a visual object. Working with a few clays, slips, and glazes, my work is fired with wood. At about 2300 degrees, a small amount of salt is introduced into the kiln to create a quiet patina.

This little map will help you to navigate between our studio in Sunrise to Matt's place near Stark. The drive will be about 11.3 miles between our places.

This little map will help you to navigate between our studio in Sunrise to Matt's place near Stark. The drive will be about 11.3 miles between our places.

ALSO:  Matt Krousey will be welcoming visitors to his fall on the same weekend. His invited guest potters for 2019 were:
Hironobu Nishitateno, Adam Gruetzmacher, Liz Pechacek, Ric Cox, and David Swenson.
For more information about Matt Krousey’s fall sale, visit:  mkrouseyceramics.com