Sunrise MN Pottery


Sunrise MN Pottery is the studio website and online sales shop for potters Will Swanson and Janel Jacobson. 

We have lived and worked in the small rural town of Sunrise, Minnesota since 1975. 

You are welcome to visit our showroom in Sunrise

We work in the studio year around, and welcome visitors to the showroom to touch and to purchase the pots, and to see what we are working on in the studio.  You will see pottery made from both stoneware and porcelain clays.  

To be assured of our being at the studio, please call, or email, ahead to arrange a date and time.

One positive thought is that if you come to the studio to shop you will not have to pay to have the pottery shipped to you.  If you cannot visit us, please browse through our online shops.  If you do not see what you want, there are many more pieces in the showroom that we could describe to you if you email us or call us with your inquiry.  Find our contact information on our Contact Page  (By email we could respond with photographs of the pieces that might interest you.)